The Pain May Not be Hemorrhoids

“Do I Have Hemorrhoids? Or Something Else?” Find Answers to This Common Questions Below The symptoms of hemorrhoids include an itching or burning sensation, mild to severe pain, anal leakage of fecal matter, bright red blood in the bowl or… Read More »

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Do You Need a Hemorrhoidectomy

  What is a hemorrhoidectomy, and do I need one? A hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove hemorrhoids. This is typically done in a surgical center with general or regional anesthetic. A hemorrhoidectomy requires the normal measures taken… Read More »

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Why You Probably Don’t Need Hemorrhoid Surgery

Why You Probably Don’t Need Hemorrhoid Surgery Hemorrhoids are cushions of swollen tissue and blood vessels in your lower rectal region. They manifest in two ways, each with different symptoms: internal hemorrhoids form inside your rectum where there aren’t any… Read More »

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Are Hemorrhoids a Disease?

Hemorrhoid Causes, Diseases and Conditions Hemorrhoids are a disease based by definition as a disease is an impairment of the normal state of the living animal. It may interrupt or modify the performance of the vital functions and typically identified by distinguishing… Read More »

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Are Hemorrhoids More Common in Men than in Women?

Gender, Age, and Your Chances of Getting Hemorrhoids. While the internet is a wealth of information about virtually every topic, there are some myths that keep popping up. We’ve created this article to provide men and women throughout the country… Read More »

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hemorrhoids while pregnant

What to Do if You Get Hemorrhoids While Pregnant

While you were expecting your little bundle of joy to arrive, you may not have been prepared for some of the other aspects of childbirth, like internal or external hemorrhoids developing during or after your pregnancy. Getting hemorrhoids while pregnant… Read More »

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Hemorrhoid Causes – Recurring Hemorrhoids and Why You Keep Getting Hemorrhoids

Half the U.S. population is affected by hemorrhoids by the time they turn 50, and anyone who has experienced the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids once is not eager for the return of the symptoms. Understanding some of the common causes… Read More »

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The Real Difference Between Internal and External Hemorrhoids

Are You Trying to Figure Out What Kind of Hemorrhoids You Have? There’s a good chance you’ve found this article because you suspect you have a hemorrhoid, but you’re not sure exactly what they are or what you need to… Read More »

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Does Your Diet Affect Your Chance of Getting Hemorrhoids?

What the Research Says about Food and Hemorrhoids An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; if you’re one of the 50% of North Americans who will experience hemorrhoids before they’re 50, it’s important to know what you… Read More »

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Recurring Hemorrhoids

Recurring hemorrhoids are a very common problem. Just when you think you’ve got your symptoms under control, your hemorrhoids continue to come back. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of hemorrhoids. Swelling of the rectal veins causes the hemorrhoid to swell, causing… Read More »

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