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Are Hemorrhoids a Disease?

Hemorrhoid Causes, Diseases and Conditions Hemorrhoids are a disease based by definition as a disease is an impairment of the normal state of the living animal. It may interrupt or modify the performance of the vital functions and typically identified by distinguishing… Read More »

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Are Hemorrhoids More Common in Men than in Women?

Gender, Age, and Your Chances of Getting Hemorrhoids. While the internet is a wealth of information about virtually every topic, there are some myths that keep popping up. We’ve created this article to provide men and women throughout the country… Read More »

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The Cost of Treating Hemorrhoids

What You Can Expect to Pay: Insurance, Healing, What’s Really the Most Affordable Option? One of the things people suffering from hemorrhoids should consider is the actual cost of hemorrhoid treatment. Whether you have medical insurance coverage that covers the… Read More »

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Hemorrhoid Causes – Recurring Hemorrhoids and Why You Keep Getting Hemorrhoids

Half the U.S. population is affected by hemorrhoids by the time they turn 50, and anyone who has experienced the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids once is not eager for the return of the symptoms. Understanding some of the common causes… Read More »

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How to Gracefully Tackle Embarrassing Health Conditions

Although an estimated 75% of all adults are expected to experience hemorrhoids at some time in their life, there’s still a lack of conversation around this condition. For other medical concerns, there is a huge volume of information online: discussions,… Read More »

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Medical Study: Outpatient Hemorrhoid Treatment Using O’Regan Disposable Banding System

Hemorrhoid Treatment in the Outpatient Gastroenterology Practice Using the O’Regan Disposable Hemorrhoid Banding System is Safe and Effective Neal K. Osborn, MD, MSc; Kerry H. King, MD; Olaitan A. Adeniji, MD; Sanjay R. Parikh, MD; Michael S. LeVine, MD; David… Read More »

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Medical Study: Successfully Integrate CRH O’Regan Techniques Into Your Practice

Hemorrhoid Care Rubber Band Ligation Using the CRH O’Regan System™ Successfully Integrate Techniques Into Your Practice, Benefitting Your Patients and Your EASC BY MITCHEL GUTTENPLAN, MD FACS – DAVID A. JOHNSON, MD FACP, FACG, FASGE – BERGEIN F. OVERHOLT, MD,… Read More »

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Banding Hemorrhoids Using the O’Regan Disposable Bander

Surgery Banding Hemorrhoids Using the O’Regan Disposable Bander a report by Iain G M Cleator, MB, ChB, FRCS (c), FRCS (E), FACS, FRCS and Maria M Cleator, MD Professor Emeritus of Surgery, University of British Columbia What are Hemorrhoids? There… Read More »

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Man with Physical Discomfort From Hemorrhoids

How to Stop Piles Bleeding Immediately

If you have bleeding piles, you’re probably pretty freaked out, but there is good news. The condition is usually able to be simply treated without surgery or without missing work. Rectal bleeding can be caused by more serious conditions, however,… Read More »

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What are piles?

If you find yourself asking the question “what are piles,” you’ve obviously come across the term in your search for a hemorrhoid treatment. In some circles, the more common term for the condition you’re experiencing is piles, while in others… Read More »

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