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How Many Bands?

How Many Bands are Needed for Banding?

Your CRH O’Regan hemorrhoid band treatment starts with an examination and consultation with your doctor to confirm your diagnosis and provide more information about expected treatment needs. Sometimes, banding can start immediately, otherwise, you’ll be scheduled in for a separate date.

During each visit, your physician will typically apply a single band to the afflicted area, ensuring it has time to completely heal. Typically, multiple hemorrhoids are not banded in a single visit as this practice can lead to higher complication rates.

We find that most patients require a total of three band ligation treatments, one for each of the hemorrhoidal columns. A few – around 10-15% of patients – need fewer than three treatments, and some – around 15-20% will require a fourth treatment.

To get started with your hemorrhoid banding treatment – and stop living with hemorrhoids – find a CRH-trained physician near you now.


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