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Hemorrhoid Banding Info

A Superior Method for Hemorrhoid Banding

The CRH O’Regan System offers a different kind of hemorrhoidal banding – one that’s comfortable and gentle. Our specially trained physicians use a gentle suction device to pull in the afflicted tissue and then place a small rubber band around the base of the internal hemorrhoid.

Because the hemorrhoid band is placed up around the base of the hemorrhoid, it does not contact pain-sensitive nerve endings.

How is CRH the better banding solution?

Other hemorrhoid banding methods use painful metal clamps to hold the tissue in place for banding, or utilize larger instrumentation. This often results in bleeding, discomfort and an extended procedure time.

What about endoscopic banding?

Unlike the CRH System, endoscopic banding requires a patient to prepare by fasting, and to be sedated during treatment. Much more invasive than CRH, it is also more expensive and more frequently associated with post procedure pain than CRH.  Additionally, it requires a physician to use a suction device to keep the rectal area clear during the procedure. The CRH System, on the other hand, requires no preparation, no fasting, and allows the bands to be placed more quickly, easily, and painlessly.

What about IRC?

IRC is often associated with a much higher recurrence rate and is not as effective for larger hemorrhoids. The CRH O’Regan System can treat 99% of hemorrhoid sufferers.

Remember – not all banding is created equal. For the fastest, most pain-free way to remove your hemorrhoids completely, contact a CRH-trained physician today

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