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What is a Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid?

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

If you are experiencing a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, chances are you know it, as the condition known as thrombosis can be very painful. But when trying to determine if one is experiencing a thrombosed hemorrhoid, the first obstacle to surmount is knowing exactly what one is.

Sometimes, external hemorrhoids prolapse, causing the affected tissue to bulge or hang out of the anus. When this occurs, blood clots can form inside the prolapsed vein. This often very painful condition is called thrombosis, and in addition to the pain, experiencing a thrombosed hemorrhoid can also be quite distressing for some patients, due to their appearance.

When anal tissue is thrombosed, it often appears as dark red, purple, or bluish. This tissue will be visible outside the anus, causing some patients great concern. If treated by a physician in the very early stages (within 24 hours), the clot can usually be removed. After that time, the typical patient must rely on creams and sitz baths for relief until the thrombosed hemorrhoid resolves.

A thrombosed hemorrhoid is not a serious medical issue, albeit it can be a very painful one. To learn more about thrombosed hemorrhoid treatments, find a hemorrhoid specialist in your area and book an appointment today. You’ll be glad you did.




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