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Some Common Piles Symptoms

Piles Symptoms

If you start to develop symptoms of piles (hemorrhoids), it probably won’t be long before you notice them. The main issue with piles symptoms is the silence around them. People are usually too embarrassed to ask questions of trusted confidants, and often hope that symptoms will simply go away before they have to see a doctor. When many patients finally do come in to see a physician, it’s often the case that a patient has been suffering symptoms of piles for months rather than seeking a piles remedy when a symptom first shows itself.

If you notice one of the following symptoms of piles, don’t wait. Contact a CRH O’Regan System doctor today to learn about piles treatment options.

Common Piles Symptoms


One of the most common piles symptoms is blood in the toilet. If you notice a small amount of blood on toilet paper after a movement, or see blood present in your stool, you might be seeing the symptoms of piles. When related to piles, this blood will typically be bright red in color.

Rectal itching

Often with piles, patients notice an itchy feeling either on the rectum or in the interior of the rectum. Scratching the affected area is not recommended, as vigorous scratching can lead to infections if the skin is broken.


In some cases, a pile will prolapse (come down through the anal canal), requiring the sufferer to push the tissue back in place, while in others the prolapsed tissue will reduce on its own.

Incomplete bowel movements

Many people who have piles experience what can be described as an incomplete bowel movement. Many report feeling as if they haven’t finished the movement and need to return to the bathroom to complete the process. This can be problematic, as the straining involved with attempting to pass a movement that isn’t there can make piles worse.

If you notice any of these common symptoms of piles, don’t wait to contact a physician. Contact CRH today to find a piles (hemorrhoid) physician in your area. You’ll find treatment using the CRH O’Regan System to be quick, painless, and permanent—no more symptoms of piles, ever.



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